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Opinion: Brexit and its impact on healthcare - What is happening now?

Dr Layla McCay, director of international relations at the NHS Confederation, warns that Brexit “should not hinder” the collaboration between the UK and other European countries in the field of health research.

Penn Medicine's experience moving to cloud: Don’t bite off more than you can chew

With cloud migrations, proper planning, oversight and management go a long way, says Penn Medicine's Associate Vice-President of Information Services Jim Beinlich –  just like they do with any successful technology pilot or rollout. 

Opinion: What leaders know about cybersecurity

Leaders know that the IT department alone cannot secure an organisation, and that the easiest path to breach the best technical defenses is through their people, writes Rod Piechowski, VP of thought advisory for HIMSS.

Ransomware and medical devices: How behavior analytics can protect patients

Medical devices must be managed from a security perspective, but also from an operational perspective. Using analytics to establish behavior baselines helps support risk assessments, find malfunctions and enhance staff productivity.

How to make the 3 Cs work for enterprise-wide video deployments

As use cases for healthcare video technology get more diverse, its best to take a full lifecycle approach that's managed centrally with standardized capabilities, says John Donohue, Penn Medicine's associate VP for enterprise infrastructure services.

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