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The forgotten patients: COVID-19 and the impact on people living with non-communicable diseases

COVID-19 has shone a harsh light on the weaknesses within our healthcare systems, and we fear that the impact on already vulnerable populations will be long-lasting, according to Marco Greco, president of the European Patients’ Forum, and Jan-Philipp Beck, CEO of EIT Health. 

Using graphs to develop a deeper understanding of COVID-19

Learn about the knowledge graph that’s helping map relationships between patents, publications and genes in the battle against the novel coronavirus from Dr Alexander Jarasch at the Federal Republic’s main diabetes research facility, DZD, in Germany.

Beyond telehealth: the virtual care technology trends that will transform healthcare

How contact tracing, contactless experiences and remote monitoring will redefine healthcare and public health.  

More documentation complexity on the way for advanced imaging orders

CMS requirements for approved clinical decision support mechanisms could cause extra burden and more keystrokes for physicians attempting to meet appropriate use criteria.

The barriers to health data exchange that are exacerbating the coronavirus pandemic

Let’s invest in an interoperable health data system that connects all providers, hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, state and local governments, public health and patients who need access to medical records.

Health IT Buzz

PCOR Coordinated Registry Network for Women’s Health Technologies

ONC recently released results from the Coordinated Registry Network for Women’s Health Technologies project, a collaborative effort conducted with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) to enable researchers to generate real-world evidence using data that address some women’s health issues. The project’s final report discusses the findings and lessons learned from development and testing of the Women’s Health Technologies Coordinated Registry Network FHIR® Implementation Guide.

Application Programming Interfaces in Health IT

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are powerful tools that help support interoperability in healthcare. Simply put, APIs allow a software “Application A” to interact with a software “Application B” without Application A needing to know how Application B’s software is designed internally. APIs can be used for several things, including the ability to for software applications to share information. From the example above, Application A could request information from Application B or ask Application B to place a pushpin on a map at a specific longitude and latitude.

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