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How to create and maintain a productive, secure home work environment

Collaboration tools are undergoing drastic version updates and feature overhauls on a very frequent basis, which force security departments to keep a close eye on upcoming changes to determine whether their standards will still be met.

The real-time health system: Adapting healthcare to the new normal

A healthcare system in which stakeholders share, adopt and apply medical knowledge in real time enables improved care, accelerated workflows, streamlined business processes and a better balance of resources with demand.

Why did Lifespan Health face such a stiff HIPAA penalty for a stolen laptop?

On the surface, like with other HHS settlements, it may seem harsh, regarding only the amount of money vis-a-vis the number of patients affected. But it's important to consider what OCR is trying to accomplish.

Failing states of health - How broader collaboration can bring us closer to the future of health

Without cross-border co-operation the potential of personalised health cannot be realised, acccording to Bogi Eliasen, director at the Health Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and HIMSS Future50 leader, who will be speaking at HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Event taking place 7-11 September.

Geisinger's digital strategy to combat COVID-19 and accelerate enterprise transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic may be viewed as the single largest disruptor in the history of American healthcare. At Geisinger, the crisis has been a catalyst to accelerate digital transformation.

Health IT Buzz

Leveraging standardized clinical data to advance discovery

Opportunity knocks for NIH researchers, who will be able to leverage clinical data from electronic health record (EHR) systems with increased frequency and consistency. The passage of the 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act) has charted a path toward increasing access to and interoperability of electronic health information for clinical care. This, in turn, has paved the way to leverage relevant policies, systems, and infrastructure to accelerate research. In parallel, researchers have been challenged to make data from a single research study,

Supporting Health IT for the Pediatric Care Continuum

Over the past decade, ONC has worked with health information technology (health IT) developers, standards development organizations, healthcare providers, patient advocates, health information exchange (HIE) administrators, state public health agencies, and other stakeholders to advance an interoperable health IT infrastructure across the country. ONC has also worked to expand access to health IT solutions across the care continuum to support medical specialty care and sites of service. We have heard from healthcare and health IT developer communities that there is a need to connect broadly applicable standards and functions to more specific and clinically relevant tools and resources for key clinical use cases.

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